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Approx 1580 Born sometime around 1580, John Webster was to be the last of the great Elizabethan playwrights.

08/01/1598 Little is known of the poet himself, there was a John Webster admitted to the Middle Temple on August 1, 1598. If this Webster and the dramatist were one and the same, it would explain the many legal allusions in his plays and the inclusion of trial scenes in The White Devil, The Devil`s Law Case, and Appius and Virginia.

Approx 1602 records of payment from theatre manager Phillip Henslowe show these plays by John webster - The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi

Approx 1620 Around 1620, he wrote The Devil`s Law Case

Approx 1621 Collaborated with Middleton on Anything For a Quiet Life

Approx 1625 About 1625 he collaborated on The Fair Maid of the Inn with Massinger and Ford

Approx 1625 collaborated on A Cure for a Cuckold with Heywood

Approx 1630 sometime before his death he composed the Roman tragedy Appius and Virginia

Approx 1630 Approx date of death. After Webster`s death, the Elizabethan theatre began to decline and the theatre`s were closed sometime around 1642




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